Kenya Kabngetuny

This Kenyan specialty coffee has a complex body with tart mango citrus acidity. An excellent coffee for lovers of fruity, complex or floral coffees.
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Kabngetuny AB


SL28, SL34, Ruiru11


Tasting notes
Plum, Grape with Mango citrus acidity

The Kabngetuny Farmers Co-operative Society was registered on June 27, 1985 by the Ministry of Cooperative Development. The cooperative is located in Kericho County in the Rift Valley at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level, surrounded by the Nandi Hills and the Mau Forest, the largest indigenous forest in East Africa. The society is located in Kipkelion west sub-county Kipteris location Chepkechei subKericho County. The Kabngetuny Cooperative has one wet mill. The society has 9 board of management representing the electoral zones and 3 supervisory board members who check the activities of the management committee. Both committees report to the coop members in annual general meetings.

The coop has 12 permanent staff who are headed by a CEO/Sec Manager. The main crop occurs between the months of July/August-December each year. The Kabngetuny catchment is highly productive with multiple farming activities that supports different value chains. These include dairy and horticultural. Kabngetuny is one of the first cooperatives to incorporate gender mainstreaming within its operations. The initiative has seen women transferred full ownership of land and coffee trees and are completely in charge of their own production and harvest which is unique in Kenya . The opportunity has assisted in empowering women beside increased production and quality which have supported improved livelihood long term.