Peru El Corazon

From one of the most innovative producers in all of Peru. Careful selection, processing and drying produces this wonderfully balanced coffee.

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El Corazon




Tasting notes
Tasting notes of brown sugar, cocoa, sweet, green apple, plum tones.

Efrain Carhuallocllo Salvador, owns 4 hectares of land in the El Corazon village in the Chirinos district. Efrain is one of the most innovative producers in all of Peru, and his farm and wet mill are run with extreme care and precision.

Efrain competed in the very first Cup of Excellence competition in Peru and placed 2nd. Many consider his coffee to be the best of that competition, even though it didn't win. Prior to and since competing in the CoE, Efrain has won a number of local and national competitions, and is most likely the most decorated producer in Peru. Efrain grows caturra (yellow and red) and geisha varieties.

Once picked, Efrain's coffee is rested for 18 hours in plastic bags under a shade (mainly overnight in cooler temperatures). Then he removes floaters and depulps. Wet parchment ferments in the tank for at least 24 hours, before being washed and dried. Great care is taken over the drying process, ensuring the coffee is dried slowly and evenly for better longevity. In Efrain's drying area, it usually takes around 25 days to dry.