Colombia Santuario

Located in the Magdalena Valley, the Huila region, with a mixture of altitude, cloud cover, rain cycles and volcanic soil, creates a remarkable setting for growing speciality coffees. Unique aroma, exquisite flavour, perfect balance and unwavering consistency.  Tasting notes of caramel and ripe orange.

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Tasting notes
Tasting notes of caramel and ripe orange.

Our Santuario coffee pays homage to the unwavering dedication of Huila's diverse coffee farming families and their commitment to producing exceptional quality.

Nestled in the southwest region of Colombia, Huila holds a very well-regarded position among the country's top coffee-growing regions. Its strategic location within the Magdalena River Valley, adorned with a mixture of altitude, cloud cover, rain cycles and volcanic soil, creates a remarkable setting for cultivating speciality coffees with unique aroma, exquisite flavour, distinctive balance and unwavering consistency.

Clouds blankets the sky over Huila shielding the coffee plants from direct sun light, while the fertile soil nurtures their growth. In this captivating region, coffee is manually harvested throughout the year, resulting in a continuous supply of exceptional beans. We at Arcadia are able to source and supply this delicious coffee all year around.

The unique environmental conditions helps to produce a coffee of unparalleled balance and sweetness, a true embodiment of Huila's distinct character. The harmonious cup profile of our Santuario coffee has a delightful interplay of fruity and herbal notes. Grown at altitudes ranging from 1400 to 1700 meters above sea level, in the heart of the mountainous terrain, these beans thrive under average temperatures of a bit below 20°C.

Our Santuario coffee was bought directly by us from 90 different families with their farms averaging 7.5 acres each, one of them is our local partner who help us gather at the town of Nataga the harvested beans from all our farming suppliers: this is a fully washed, 24 to 48 hours fermented, naturally and mechanically dried coffee. The notable varieties that we have selected for Santuario are a mix of local ones and others grown all over the country: Caturra, Castillo, Castillo Tambo, Cenicafe and Colombia. These farming families have replaced their coca leaves crops with coffee trees, thanks to a successful peace process lead by the Colombian government in which guerrillas, private armed forces and cocaine producers have been disbanded and reinstated to Colombian society. We at Arcadia feel proud of helping this varied group of small farmers, with some of them being local indigenous or afro descendants. We pay the best price we can for their exceptional produce, we are committed to support their talent and hard work in a transparent, sustainable and reliable manner.

Experience the captivating flavour of our Santuario by Arcadia Green Coffee: a testament to the extraordinary craftsmanship and passion that define Colombian coffee. Delight in every sip of this medium bodied, aromatic coffee with tropical fruit notes a hint of caramel and ripen orange flavours which has been meticulously grown and thoughtfully prepared by Huila's wide and diverse coffee farming families.