Koyu Matcha Organic Matcha Latte Green Tea 150g

Elevate your tea experience with Koyu Matcha Organic Matcha Latte Green Tea, a luxurious blend that harmonizes the finest organic matcha with creamy, velvety textures for an exquisite drinking experience.

Matcha is a powdered high quality tea, rich in antioxidants. One of the many ways it can be consumed is as a latte. Koyu's Matcha Latte mix makes preparation as easy as possible. Just mix with some hot water, then add hot or cold milk and enjoy! No need to whisk beforehand. 

Unwind, rejuvenate, and savour the luxurious taste of Koyu Matcha Organic Matcha Latte Green Tea. Let it be your companion in creating moments of tranquility, sophistication, and holistic wellness. Elevate your tea ritual and discover the elegance of matcha with every delightful sip.  Available in 150g bag.

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