Grinder Go - Portable Electric Titanium - Timemore


Look what those coffee creators at Timemore have developed now! Get this, it's a sleek looking, portable, battery driven coffee grinder! It's amazing! No, it really is! Save space and get this out to bedazzle folk when grinding those beans!

Much quicker (and less effort) than most portable grinders, grinding 15g of beans in just 27 seconds for medium grind.

Easy to use with on / off button and a screw on glass base. Lithium ion rechargeable battery which will give you 30 grinds from one single charge, whether you're home or out and about.

Yes, the grinding quality is just as good as the professional manual grinders and the grind size is easily adjustable for espresso to pour over.

The adjusting of the burrs is easy, point click to adjust. Titanium coated for extra longevity and sharpness! 


  • Stops automatically when finished grinding
  • Long standby time
  • Easy to charge
  • When fully charged will grind more than 400g of beans 
  • Glass coffee base which doubles as a container
  • Comes with it's own fancy, zip up jacket
  • E&B stainless steel titanium coated conical burrs
  • USB chargeable
  • Capacity: 60g 
  • Size H: 22cm x Wx 8.6cm x L 8.6cm
  • Weight 660g
  • Motor DC7.4V, DC carbon-rush
  • Voltage 7.4V/DC
  • Includes USB-C cable and brush
  • 1 year warranty

Warnings and do nots

  • Don't grind more than 60g per grind - it's not made for large batches
  • Do not grind very light or very dark beans at 0-2 clicks - the machine will overheat
  • Keep away from water - do not wash the main body!
  • Avoid fast chargers, use 5V, 1A or 2A adaptor
  • Don't shake your grinder when it's busy working
  • Keep your fingers and all other parts away from the burrs when they're moving! 
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