Ariosa Coffee Keep Cup

Meet the Ariosa Keep Cup Sustainable, versatile and beautiful.

Our Keep Cup range is made from plants – 100% natural Polylactic Acid, a bio polymer derived from sugar-beet, sugarcane or corn. Compared with petroleum-based materials, PLA can achieve carbon “break even” – through its natural growing phase. It is also is commercially biodegradable/ or recyclable at end-of-life, via RENEW.  It is odour and flavour-taint-free, making it the perfect material for hot beverages.

Lids & Sleeves

Our lids and sleeves are made from pure, food grade silicone, using oxygen and silica (sand) as their base material. They are suitable for high temperature usage up to +120°C  NOT MADE WITH NATURAL LATEX RUBBER.

    Choose To Re-use

    Each year over 300 billion single-use coffee cups are manufactured globally. Due to their plastic content, less than 2% will ever be recycled. As takeaway drink consumption grows, so does the problem of waste.

    Each time you choose to re-use, even just once a week, you will be helping in the fight against single-use waste. Imagine the massive difference we could make if everyone did the same. If 2 million people chose to re-use just once a week, we would stop 104,000,000 single-use cups going to landfill each year.

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