Single Origin Coffee

Single Origin coffee are coffee beans which are sourced from the same place or region. They are generally harvested from the same farm, estate or cooperative.

Where the beans come from is important, because factors such as climate, soil type, production and the processing method, all have an impact on the final taste and aroma of the coffee.

Single origin coffee also gives us full traceability and here at Ariosa Coffee we are dedicated to working with farmers who have a proven success in growing, harvesting and processing the world’s best single origin coffees. This promotes fair-trade and sustainability, so farmers get a fair price for their efforts and a continuous supply of high quality coffee is assured.

We are excited to introduce you to a new range of single origin coffee, right here on our site.

We have added some of the best coffee from Columbia, Kenya & Rwanda to our current much loved single origin collections from Guatemala, Sumatra & Ethopia

In addition to this we will also be featuring a special Relationship Series of limited edition coffee from the very best coffee farms in the world.

Our aim at Ariosa is to buy a select amount of coffee at a premium price from each grower. When the coffee is gone we move on to the next coffee in the series.

Our relationship series will create a proper link from the crop to the very last drop in your cup. We hope you enjoy!

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