Espresso Machine

ground coffee
Espresso is just another way of making coffee with the same ingredient. What makes espresso espresso is how it’s brewed — by forcing steam at high pressure through finely ground coffee.
Espresso Machine

What you need

Espresso machine with portafilter



Ariosa Coffee (19-21 grams)



Pre heat and prep

Remove the portafilter. Wipe it clean with a dry cloth and empty out any residual from the last use. Pre-warm the espresso machine's portafilter by running it under hot water.

Dose and grind the coffee

Grind your coffee, tap it to settle and spread the coffee evenly across - use your finger. Tamp the portafilter and always make sure your coffee is bed level and evenly disturbed across.

Lock and load

Making sure your group head is hot ( wash through with hot water) lock the portafilter in place. Place a cup underneath, and time yourself for 30 seconds to pull the perfect cup.

The best part

Serve and enjoy!