Wilfa Classic Coffee Grinder

Wilfa Classic Coffee Grinder features knives that crushes the coffee beans instead of chopping it for maximum aroma. With five adjustable grinding levels, you get freshly ground coffee that suits your particular type of brewing - choose from coffee pot, coffee maker, coffee press, moka pot and aero press. Equipped with 250 gram bean container and hidden cord storage.

"Wilfa coffee grinder is an exceptional coffee grinder with adjustable settings that are suitable for brewing all kinds of filter coffee. That's why I use Wilfa's coffee grinder to make the world's best coffee at home." – Tim Wendelboe, winner of The World Champion Barista 2004 and 2005

Product Features

  • Adjustable grinding level, vary your coffee from coarse to finely grounded to adjust the coffee to the brewing process
  • Equipped with knives that crushes the coffee beans instead of chopping them, to give your coffee maximum aroma
  • Timer function - get exactly the same amount of coffee very time by setting the time to grind to 10, 20 or 30 seconds
  • 250 g bean capacity
  • Hidden cord storage for neat storage 
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