Indonesia Sunqai Tanduk

Pink grapefruit and earl grey with sweet orange and a smooth buttery body

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Sunqai Tanduk


Andung Sari, Lini - S, Sigaran Utang


Tasting notes
Pink grapefruit and earl grey with sweet orange and a smooth buttery body

Located 7 hours drive hours from the city of Padang in the kayo Aro District of West Sumatra this coffee comes from small coffee gardens (0.25ha – 2Ha) which sit in the shadow of the beautiful Kerinci Volcano on the edge of the Kerinci National Park home to the endangered Sumatran Tiger. The people who inhabit this region are originally from the island of Java and migrated to this region tin the 1960’s as part of a Government program looking to spread people to available land to farm. There are large Government tea plantations that dominate the landscape and it is only recently that coffee over the past seven years that coffee has been grown here alongside more traditional rice and vegetables.

This coffee comes from the Belibis Cooperative which was only established in 2018 and now has 89 members. In total between them they have approximately 132 ha of coffee growing o fertile volcanic loam soil. They have embarked upon doing specialty processed coffee and not produce just the typical wet hulled that Sumatra is known for. The harvest in this area runs from September through January. The name of this coffee come from the river that runs close by translated as Horn River. This honey l lot the farmers pick the cherry and they try to do a separation of ripe and unripe cherry. The coffee is then washed and cleaned for floaters before then being taken to be pulped and then from here is taken to raised beds where it is placed in thin layers initially to allow skin drying. The climate in this equatorial location makes drying extremely challenging and this can take between 15-25 days. After this the coffee is then stored at the Cooperative  before being sent to Medan for final milling and bagging.